Annual Gift Acknowledgement

Presidents Club Welcome Acknowledgement

Calli Choe

Presidents Club recognizes donors whose annual gifts total $1,500 or more. Annual membership is based on the University’s fiscal year (July-June) and is renewable. Since many donors reach this level after giving multiple gifts to different units, donors receive a welcome packet explaining the significance of their gift(s) and recognition level. The packet includes an annual Presidents Club lapel pin and the opportunity to edit their name recognition for the digital Honor Roll of Donors and/or request anonymity.  This immediate acknowledgement and expression of gratitude to Presidents Club qualifiers is packaged in an appealing folder that reinforces appreciation and encourages a habit of annual leadership gifts

Presidents Club welcome packet stewardship began in 2014.

Presidents Club Year-End Decal Acknowledgement

Calli Choe and Jordan Dotson

A new Presidents Club program with four tiers was developed in 2018. Since then, Presidents Club members receive the welcome packet upon reaching $1,500 and a decal at the close of the fiscal year that acknowledges the final level reached. Since many donors support the university multiple times over the course of the fiscal year, we recognize total annual support with this annual mailing that includes two decals representing Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels.

Presidents Club decal stewardship began in 2018.

First-Time Gift Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

First-time donors receive a specialized email welcoming them to our family of thousands of UGA supporters. The email is updated annually with a video message of thankful students at the previous fiscal year’s Thank a Donor Day. In January 2022, these donors began receiving a mailed acknowledgement that highlights famous “UGA Firsts” that was halted in 2020 due to budget reductions.

First-time donor stewardship began in 2013.

Second-Time Gift Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

Second-time donors receive a specialized email recognizing their second consecutive year of giving to UGA. This acknowledgement introduces them to the idea of being a loyal UGA donor by leaning into our three-pillars of the iconic Arch on north campus.

Second-time gift stewardship began in 2015.

Third Pillar Welcome Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

Third Pillar is a loyalty recognition program for donors who have given in the last three or more consecutive years.  Each Third Pillar donor receives a mailing upon their first gift of the fiscal year that expresses the importance of consecutive giving and includes a Third Pillar magnet.

July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022 Third Pillar

Donor Relations and Stewardship assumed responsibility for Third Pillar in 2014.

PAW Society Welcome Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

Faculty, staff, and retiree donors are welcomed into the Philanthropy at Work Society with a mailed acknowledgement thanking them for their first donation of the fiscal year. The annually-updated card is intended as a desktop keepsake and includes message from Hairy Dawg.

July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022 PAW Society

Faculty and staff stewardship began in 2014 with an email and event. PAW Society branding began in 2019, and mailed stewardship returns in 2022 after 2020 budget reductions.

Georgia Giving Day Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

Beginning in 2022, Donor Relations and Stewardship will begin collaborating with Annual Giving to enhance the stewardship experience for Georgia Giving Day. The acknowledgement plan will include a video and mailed thank you message to all donors, balloons and buttons for PAW Society qualifying gifts, and other incentives and special touches for students and board members.

COMING SOON: Alumni Relations Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

Beginning in 2023, Donor Relations and Stewardship will begin acknowledging 1961 Club qualifying gifts made to the Black Alumni Scholarship Fund and gifts to Alumni Chapter Scholarships. Alumni Relations will continue to manage more personalized stewardship and engagement for these donors.

COMING SOON: UGA’s Greatest Needs Acknowledgement

Daynes Parker

To be determined.