Cumulative Giving Societies

When UGA announced the Archway to Excellence Campaign in 2001, three new cumulative giving societies recognized the lifetime achievements of major donors. These giving societies recognize individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations whose cumulative gifts reach $1 million and above

Qualifying Gifts

Recognition into a Cumulative Giving Society is calculated by university-wide lifetime giving and includes gifts made to Athletic Ticket Priority funds. Open pledge balances and documented planned gifts do not qualify donors for Cumulative Giving Society membership. Planned gifts qualify upon realization.


  • Acknowledgement – Reaching a Cumulative Giving Society is acknowledged by a mailed welcome packet. This packet includes a letter from the university’s president, information on the societies, and a honor roll and donor wall recognition preference form.
  • Recognition – After donors have confirmed their name format preference or anonymity, they are listed on the donor wall in the President’s Garden and in the annually published Honor Roll of Donors.
  • Engagement – Donors who have newly reached a Cumulative Giving Society are gifted a framed, limited edition print of the President’s Garden to commemorate their name placement at this historically significant location on campus. They also begin to receive lifetime event invitations to the annual Presidents Club Reception, seasonal and birthday messaging, and more personalized stewardship strategy.

The Crystal Arch Society

The Crystal Arch Society, recognizing gifts of $10 million and above, is named for the University of Georgia’s most recognizable symbol and the main entrance to campus, the Arch. Erected in the 1850s, the Arch is UGA’s most revered landmark, patterned after the Great Seal of the State of Georgia.

The Abraham Baldwin Society

The Abraham Baldwin Society, recognizing gifts of $5 million and above, is named for the legendary Georgia statesman, educator and founder of the University of Georgia. Abraham Baldwin wrote UGA’s charter, the first-ever written and adopted for a state-supported public university.

The 1785 Society

The 1785 Society, recognizing cumulative gifts of $1 million and above, is named for the year that the University of Georgia was chartered by the Georgia General Assembly, pays homage to our impressive history and tradition of achievement as the first state-chartered university in the nation.

Cumulative Giving Societies stewardship began in 2001.