Endowment Reports

Financial Endowment Reports

Caitlin Lacey

Every November, Donor Relations and Stewardship generates Financial Endowment Reports for all endowed funds within the UGA Foundation. These personalized reports reflect the previous fiscal year’s endowment investment return, spending, gifts, and other fees. Reports are distributed to founding donors and donor representatives, and each packet can include one or more individual reports for each endowment for which a donor representative is associated. Donor Relations and Stewardship works closely with UGA Foundation and Constituent Services to ensure accurate, accountable information. Collaboration with each department allows for unique messages of thanks, contact information, and photos that create a more exclusive feel for each report. This mailing was redesigned in 2019 to eliminate duplication of information, and in 2020, a pamphlet was added to expand investment, spending, and stewardship information.

2021 Financial Endowment Report

Annual Endowment Report stewardship began in 2005.

Financial Endowment Reports began in 2005 and were mailed to 374 individuals and corporations. This well-received project has grown to report on over 2,700 funds due to increased giving and the ability to locate stewardship recipients for older, more established funds. 

Financial Endowment Reports include a return envelope for donors to share updated contact information, request additional reports or fund representatives, and provide us with additional comments.  Though this report does not include a solicitation, the envelope has also been used to make additional gifts.

“I shed a few tears and felt huge pride swell in my heart when I got my report. The customized approach, and maybe they do it at other schools but certainly not as well as UGA, is a beautiful way to say thank you. Makes a huge University seem like a very small family.” -CT Naples, FL

Endowment Donor Statements

Caitlin Lacey

Donor Relations and Stewardship took over the responsibility of collecting personal statements from new endowed fund donors on October 1, 2020, after it was removed from the fund agreement process. As new funds are set up in the UGA Foundation financial software (FAME), Donor Relations and Stewardship sends the associated fundraiser instructions and a link to a Qualtrics form that’s used to collect the donor’s story. As the forms are completed, stories and stewardship preferences are uploaded to both the fund and constituent profiles in our fundraising software (GAIL).