Naming Recognition

Honor Roll of Donors

Calli Choe

Every UGA donor is an important part of our collective success.  Since naming recognition through giving societies began at UGA in 1973, annual leadership donors have been listed in the Honor Roll of Donors. To decrease printing costs and more closely align with development and communications goals, the Honor Roll of Donors published in the printed President’s Annual Report was reduced to include only Heritage Society and Cumulative Giving Societies members. Presidents Club and Founding Presidents Club members are listed in the online version available through the Office of the President’s website. All donors giving at the previously mentioned levels are recognized for their university-wide giving unless anonymity is requested.

This matches a trend among peer institutions who found that large, printed honor rolls have less impact on future giving than originally believed. Now, responsibility for annual honor rolls rest within various departments across campus. Through these more curated donor lists, recognition aligns more closely with the units impacted by our donors’ generosity.

Donor Relations and Stewardship verifies Gift Accounting’s monthly gift input, including updating biographical information that may have changed. Through these monthly reports, updates are made in smaller sections, easing the time crunch at the end of the fiscal year.

The threshold for the online Honor Roll of Donors was raised to $1,500 to align with an updated Presidents Club giving minimum. In 2020, the printed Honor Roll of Donors was reduced to Heritage Society and Cumulative Giving Societies.

President’s Garden Donor Wall

Jordan Dotson and Shearron Hamlin

The President’s Garden is located on the south-facing façade of Old College on North Campus. Nestled between foliage and an iconic sun dial, a wall is dedicated to honoring UGA’s most loyal supporters. On the west wall, Founding Presidents Club members are listed to honor the cornerstone support of our very first giving campaign. On the east wall, Cumulative Giving Societies members are listed with increasing text size for increased giving.

In 2017 with the announcement of the Commit to Georgia campaign, Cumulative Giving Societies members who are newly listed on the wall or upgraded to a new giving tier receive a framed, limited edition print of the President’s Garden to commemorate their name placement on this historically significant location on campus–where the first building of the birthplace of public higher education still stands.