Major Gift Acknowledgement

Presidential Gift Acknowledgement

Calli Choe and Shearron Hamlin

Gifts of $25,000 and above, pledge establishment and closing of $25,000 and above, all payments toward $1M pledges, documented Innovators Pledge gifts, and documented planned gifts are acknowledged quickly, accurately and appropriately with a letter signed by the President of the University.

We are responsible for generating these letters to inform donors that their financial support is gratefully received, vital to our school and community, and being used according to their stated wishes and expectations. Letters are written, proofed, and mailed within a few weeks after the gift is made or the pledge is booked, and pledges of $25,000+ are acknowledged again when the pledge is fulfilled.  Planned gifts are acknowledged as soon as documentation of the gift is complete; this letter welcomes donors into the Heritage Society.  Special circumstances as indicated by the President’s Office are acknowledged as needed.

Cumulative Giving Societies Acknowledgement

Jordan Dotson and Shearron Hamlin

Donors who reach cumulative giving of $1 million are welcomed into Cumulative Giving Societies with an upscale mailing explaining the honor and providing naming recognition preferences. This packet contains a personalized letter from President Morehead, historical information regarding the societies and the recognition received, and a verification form confirming their desired name format. This form also allows donors to choose if they prefer to be anonymous or decline membership all together.