Personalized Reports

Lifetime Donor Impact

Melissa Lee

Our most generous donors sustain multiple departments campus-wide. In fact, it is rare for a donor within a Cumulative Giving Society to have supported only one department through major gifts. Much of UGA’s personalized, major gift stewardship is based within departments so that the messaging and engagement is tailored specifically to the causes our donors support. Our office takes a look at the bigger picture of a principal gift donor’s cumulative giving experience and provides fundraisers with special reports that include an individual’s lifetime impact at UGA. Lifetime Donor Impact books illustrate the powerful, cumulative impact these donors and their families have had at the university and honor the total effect these gifts have made in the lives of our students, faculty, staff, and entire state.

The most recent Individual Impact Report was presented to the Parker family in September 2020. In collaboration with Principal Giving, the book included thank you notes from over 25 messages from administration, faculty, scholarship recipients, and friends who are a part of the family’s UGA legacy. These hardback books include family photos and photos of campus over the years. They are reserved for donors with cumulative giving reaching $1 million or more.

The first Lifetime Impact Report was delivered in 2018.

Annual Trustee Giving Reports

Melissa Lee

In fall 2019, the Foundation Board of Trustees received the first Trustee Giving Report that captured their collective philanthropy during the previous fiscal year. In fall 2020, the report was expanded to include each trustee’s individual fiscal year giving. Providing this information to board members who support multiple departments across the university each year allows these volunteers and donors to see a “snapshot” of their giving trends, celebrate shared support, and identify areas of financial need. This project is still finding its place in stewardship and development and will include an additional summer update report to encourage reaching fiscal year goals before our books close on June 30.

The first Trustee Giving Report was delivered in 2019.