Presidents Club Reception

The Presidents Club Reception is an annual donor event held each fall (on a Friday evening before a home football game).  Presidents Club, Founding Presidents Club, Cumulative Giving Societies, Heritage Society, and donors who have given $100,000 in their lifetime are invited to celebrate their annual and/or lifetime generosity to the university. 

Jordan Dotson and Calli Choe

Donor Relations and Stewardship coordinates bright student ambassadors selected by their department to represent the UGA student body and mingle with guests.  This student-donor synergy adds greatly to the success of the event. Donors receive a special ribbon attached to their name tag indicating their giving level and/or giving society status during the event.  These ribbons represent Presidents Club giving levels, Cumulative Giving Societies, and Heritage Society members. Donor Relations and Stewardship also works with Development Communications to create slides shown in the background of the event with messages of gratitude from students who are serving as ambassadors at the event.