Strategic Plan

Donor Relations and Stewardship fulfills its mission of sustaining lifelong relationships with the University’s donors by remaining a thoughtful and creative team that puts gratitude at the center of our work. We plan to improve and expand upon our donor-centered programming each year and look forward to achieving our goals.

Core Objectives

  • Retain current donors
  • Inspire greater giving
  • Advocate for donor needs
  • Engage donors through fresh, meaningful stewardship
  • Recognize giving appropriately and fairly
  • Maintain transparency and trust
  • Keep gratitude at the center of our work
  • Encourage collaboration and an “attitude of gratitude” campus wide

Annual Recurring Goals

  • Assess successes and struggles annually.
  • Check-in on a weekly and monthly schedule.
  • Prioritize thorough debriefing of special events or projects.
  • Utilize Team Stewardship to foster a collaborative workplace and better cater to central and departmental fundraising needs.
  • Develop teamwork and professional skills by exploring courses, webinars, and other continuing education.
  • Improve upon systematic processes for acknowledging, reporting, and recognizing gifts.
  • Increase student and faculty gratitude participation.
  • Enhance holistic donor stewardship and the top donor experience.

FY22 Goals

Explore and implement strategies for successful blended strategy for telecommuting and working from the office
Implement filled Stewardship Coordinator position
Flexibility when planning the return of Presidents Club Reception
Plan and implement new strategies for the return of Thank a Donor Day
Explore major gift stewardship plans
Propose elimination of Presidents Club digital Honor Roll of Donors
Increase efficiency in the endowed faculty reporting process
Update information offered in Financial Endowment Reports and propose digital reporting
Implement new milestone stewardship
Strategize and implement Alumni Relations and Annual Giving acknowledgements
Gain more proficiency in marketing efforts, selections, exports, and donor data
Deliver two individual impact reports
Redefine priorities for scholarship stewardship
Collaborate with more units on Gratitude Reports
Manage, train, and mentor unit use of ThankView