Donor Relations provides a systematic plan for our units and central offices to use ThankView for personalized videos. In 2020, we flexed our skills due to COVID-19 and began sending messages to internal groups from our VP for Development and Alumni Relations, and units tested personalized videos as a replacement for donor visits and small events with donors and scholarship recipients. Personalized video messaging is the future of stewardship, and we look forward to forging this path with our scholarship donors!

Centrally Based ThankViews

Lauren Schlesinger

Donor Relations and Stewardship utilizes Thank View to share grateful messages from scholarship recipients. In 2020, the platform was used for birthday communications during our COVID-19 budget cuts, and we hope to roll out a milestone giving and Cumulative Giving Societies plan in 2022.

Departmental ThankViews

Lauren Schlesinger

Departments use Thank View for every type of communication, from scholarship recipient updates and thank you messages to gift acknowledgements, birthday messages, athletics updates, and even weekly workouts! Thirty-four departments currently use Thank View across campus with over 80 different users creating unique content and engaging with our donors.

ThankView messaging began in 2017.