Tribute Gift Notification

Memorial & Honorary Gift Notification

Shearron Hamlin

When a donor makes an honorary or memorial gift, notification of the gift is mailed to the honoree or next-of-kin. This important service does not serve as a gift acknowledgement; rather, it maintains our relationship with those dealing with personal loss or celebratory times in their lives. Cards are generated with names and addresses of donors who contributed in honor or in memory, and gift amounts are not included. Donors must include the name and address of the person receiving this letter in the online giving form or provide that information with the check to ensure accurate and timely notifications are delivered.

Tribute notifications are mailed on a weekly basis reflecting gifts that were received the week prior. In some cases, it may be two or three weeks from the gift transaction before an honoree receives our letter. Donor Relations and Stewardship manages all tribute notifications except those made to the Georgia Museum of Art and Georgia 4-H Foundation. The College of Veterinary Medicine manages all gifts made in honor or memory of a pet.

Memorial and Honorary Gift Acknowledgement stewardship has been occurring since 2007.